SIDERURGICA LEONESSA supplies plates and profiling slabs in thickness from 4 to 600 mm. Our great availability enables us to answer quick and immediate deliveries' requirements. The continuous provisions by the most important national and international producers enable Siderurgica Leonessa to supply the clients with every kind of plates- even in small numbers- different in quality and size. SIDERURGICA LEONESSA has 6.800 square meters covered warehouse and 2.000 square meters of open air gantry-crane equipped space for a total operating area of 16.000 square meters. The movement of the plates occurs through 30 tons range overhead-travelling magnet cranes, which guarantee the integrity of the plates.

In order to meet the very strict requirements on flatness and surface, Siderurgica Leonessa has:

Roll leveller machine for plates from 5 to 30 mm thick and with maximum width 2500 mm

500 ton power mechanical press for levelling maximum 3.200 millimetre wide plates.

800 ton power mechanical press for levelling maximum 2500 millimetre wide plates.

Milling machine for roughing heavy plate's surfaces (maximum thickness is 800 millimetres and maximum width is 3000 millimetres).

Shot blasting machine for plates of width maximum 3200 millimetres.

Oxyfuel cutting system for plates whose thickness does not exceed 350 millimetres.

Long years of experience in supplying great thickness' plates and profiling slabs, technical competence combined with an adequate technical instrumentation; guarantee the quality of our products and the willingness to support the clients in the choice of the most suitable materials.

Our technical equipment:

Ultrasonic testing machine;

Device for measuring the thickness by means of ultrasonic;

Quantometro per analisi chimica;

Various durometers.

SIDERURGICA LEONESSA offers the possibility to realise mechanical, technological, destructive and non-destructive tests with qualified testing laboratories upon customer's request.